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For Sellers

We bring an intensive, high touch approach to our engagements and specialize in helping Owners of unique and specialized businesses from about $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 in value 

Compass Pointing North
Guidance Through the Selling Process

The process of selling a business doesn't start with a price and an advertisement.  It requires identifying goals and objectives, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the business, gaining a Buyers perspective, and strategically preparing and positioning the business for sale.  We stand by your side through this entire process, asking questions, collecting data, and making recommendations.  

Bills and Coins
What's Your Company Worth?

Determining value for small businesses is as much art as science.  But with our many years of experience and current knowledge of the markets, we can help.  Just as important as price are terms, Transition responsibilities, deal structure, and due diligence.  We can provide valuation services on a range of levels, from the straight-forward Broker's Opinion of Value to IRS or court-mandated, certified business valuations. 

Strategically Marketing the Business

Picking the right path is critical.  Some businesses sell to individuals.  Some to corporations,  Some to financial investors.  We help you understand each type of buying group and how to determine which one(s) will best meet your objectives.  Then we develop and implement a program to reach these groups with a well-crafted, concise information package.  

Quarterbacking the Deal

Once you've found a Buyer and a deal structure with which you're satisfied, you've only just started!  Legal work, due diligence, tax matters, and other work continues for 45-60 days until closing.  We are there to manage the entire process, answer your questions, troubleshoot disagreements, and offer guidance.  We stand by you right up to the closing table and, often, even beyond.  

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