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Business Consulting

With a long history of on-the-ground experience operating businesses, we are available for general consulting, focused particularly on the areas outlined below.  

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Preparing for Sale

All companies have strengths and weaknesses.  Some of these affect value, some affect the ease with which a business will sell.  Necessary improvements can be simple and take a short time, or more pervasive and need years to fully take root.  Start a conversation with us and we can explore what's needed for your business. 

The sooner, the better!

Managing Growth

Do you see opportunities in your business?  Are you limited in bandwidth or experience to take advantage?  We have managed businesses in times of growth and know how hard it can be to balance the associated demands.  Invest in sales?  Marketing?  Development?  

We are here to assist you in managing through these issues and helping you achieve your objectives without loss of momentum.  

Cash Flow Shortages and Other Troubles

Many businesses hit a bump in the road from time to time.  The key is not to run out of fuel.  We have direct experience managing companies through tough times and can help you chart a path through and around trouble.  

Whether it is strict cash flow management, an unfortunate reduction in staff, or other remedies, we can help you craft a plan, stick to that plan, and communicate to your employees and customers in the most positive manner possible.  

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