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Whether Buying or Selling a Business:

Realize Your Dream

from the

Uncertainty reigns

Business has been transformed

Worries and Opportunities abound

How do you proceed?

Whether you want to take advantage of newly uncovered growth opportunities or you need triage assistance to stay afloat, we are here to help!

Business Owners


Are you interested in what your company is worth?

Are you wondering about the process of selling your company?

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Why We're Different


Ridge Hill Partners is tuned to specifically work with mid-sized, owner-operated companies unique in their business.

We call these businesses "with a story to tell" and one can only unlock the true value by telling the story.

So we work closely with only three or four companies each year to give you maximum attention and to never be distracted from your objectives.

With Ridge Hill Partners, you always have the A Team on your side.


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Ridge Hill Partners, Inc. is a mergers and acquisition firm, or business brokerage, assisting business owners in the sale or acquisition of existing businesses. Located in Needham, Massachusetts, Ridge Hill Partners serves primarily New England, with past engagements as far as New Jersey, New York and Georgia. Our national affiliations provide access to buyers and sellers around the country. Ridge Hill Partners focuses on companies with revenues ranging from approximately $1 million to $10 million.

Why We are Different
Ridge Hill Partners focuses on companies “with a story to tell.” Most “main street” business brokers are too worried about the volume of listings to take the time to tell complex or strategic stories. Most investment banks do not typically reach individual buyers and often do not serve smaller businesses. We are careful to take a limited number of listings and select those that need both a high degree of understanding on the part of the buyer and a strategic marketing plan.


1150 Great Plain Ave., P.O. Box 920613, Needham, MA 02492  Tel: (781) 453-9984

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