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Uncertainty reigns

Business has been transformed

Worries and Opportunities abound

How do you proceed?

Whether you want to take advantage of newly uncovered growth opportunities or you need triage assistance to stay afloat, we are here to help!

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Why We're Different


Ridge Hill Partners is tuned to specifically work with mid-sized, owner-operated companies unique in their business.

We call these businesses "with a story to tell" and one can only unlock the true value by telling the story.

So we work closely with only three or four companies each year to give you maximum attention and to never be distracted from your objectives.

With Ridge Hill Partners, you always have the A Team on your side.


Featured Offerings


Database Consulting Company

Growing revenue and cash flow

Loyal, highly capable workforce

Multi-unit Furniture Retailer

Beautiful Heirloom Quality offerings

Reputation built over decades


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