Know What Your Business is Worth
“beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” “Familiarity breeds contempt.” “A rose is a rose…”
Quotations that have lasted many years, because they speak to the truth. Business owners know all the good and bad of their business. Business buyers are inherently skeptical. How do they come to agreement on price?

An important tool is an independent, logically derived valuation by a third party. At Ridge Hill Partners, we have a strategic alliance with RWS Business Valuations Services, one of the largest and most experienced valuation services in the United States. RWS brings to every assignment a proven track record, integrity and objectivity that produces well respected, sound business valuations.

Business valuations can earn you money. How? By setting the proper price on a business, it is much more likely to sell in a timely fashion. By suggestion deal structures, and demonstration the ability of the business to service debt, valuations help lenders approve loans. This, in turn helps buyers feel comfortable with acquiring this business. And that makes less haggling, fewer negotiations and a transaction that benefits all parties.

Business valuations from Ridge Hill Partners are affordable. Want to know more? Just ask us!

Other Reasons for Valuations
Now Ridge Hill Partners make valuation services available for other reasons. Business have discovered a need for valuations for:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and stock offerings
  • Developing an estate plan or tax plan to protect the wealth of the owner
  • Transfer of the business into a trust or for succession planning
  • Determining the value of the assets for divorce settlements
  • Assisting attorneys in litigation
  • Settlement of insurance claims
  • Setting up an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Whatever the reason, periodic valuations can play a key role in achieving your financial goals.