Mergers & Acquisitions

Full Service
At Ridge Hill Partners, we understand corporate buyers. We come from your world. The size, scale and complexity of your transactions is much different than person to person transactions. The level of service is much different as well.

More Than Just the Transaction
We know that your transaction doesn’t start with the target and end with the closing. Strategic planning before an acquisition campaign makes all the difference in paying the right price, justifying the purchase to investors and attracting quality targets. On the other end of the process, post-merger integration planning makes all the difference in preserving value, achieving planned synergies and realizing a return of your investment. Extra attention in these areas pays dividend in return.

Consulting Services
Ridge Hill Partners offers consulting services surrounding strategic planning and post-merger integration to supplement our target identification and transaction work. We can augment your investment banking relationship or replace it all together. And we act as a central point of contact for legal work, accounting work, due diligence and seller relationships.

Our corporate work has spanned such diverse industries as consumer packaged goods, online financial services, cable television and telecommunications. We can apply our proven methodologies and planning techniques to your acquisitions campaign as well.

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