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Businesses Need to Prepare
Massachusetts in general and Boston in particular are in the top 10% nationally in recovering from the recession. With this improving business climate, we are experiencing a noticeable increase in both business owners evaluating their exit options and buyers looking to finally own something they can call their own.

With the first wave of Baby Boomers hitting retirement age, we foresee a continued increase in businesses available for acquisition. This increasingly competitive market, then, will require business to present themselves in the best possible light, from financial statements to modern-day marketing and operational processes.

Ridge Hill Partners regularly advises businesses on how to prepare for an eventual ownership change. In many cases, businesses evaluate their strengths and weaknesses too late; just months before a desired exit timeframe. We encourage our audience to chat with us about the process of preparing for a sale as sometimes a year or more of planned activities are warranted. Feel free to call or e-mail for an initial, introductory appointment.

We have several highly interesting opportunities for acquisition. If you would like to view our Businesses-for-Sale listing, please click here.

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